Friday, July 15, 2011

happy day ~

 today is a happy day ! ~ every 15th & 30th of each month, we get our salaries . whoopee ~ i finally have money again after 15 days of budgeting .
 im such a spender btw . i spend my money mostly on food though (they're just so irresistible) . ANYWAYS, i spent it today on two things -- food and haircut :)

  • FOOD : my teammates & i (including our two supervisors), went to this place called "Golden Brown" (im not really sure) i think .. 'twas a snack buffet for Php85.00 (more or less 2$) .
  • HAIRCUT: i've been complaining about my hair cause i think it's too long already (which isn't really that long) . so, i went to get my haircut ^_^ (1.5 or 2 inches)


 this is just for today . i hope i will stop spending already :( huhu .. or else im gonna get poor , and i should just go back to school . LOL ..

 btw, i changed my layout . now this is actually my own , inspired by two blogger layout makers . one thing though, my bf told me that the sidebar was messing things up, as well as one of my friends here . but when i opened it through my comp, 'twas actually doing fine >.< hmm .. i should probably change it again .