Saturday, July 16, 2011

flu vaccine

 a month ago, there was a post at the office about the registration for the influenza flu vaccine . i disregarded that cause im such a scaredy cat when it comes to "injections" (omg ~ last time i got a vaccine was like more than 4years ago) so, i never registered .

 a month has passed, i heard about it again . people kept going in and out of the clinic . it was originally given only to those who registered last month . but i guess, some people forgot about it . awhile ago, my teammates kept bugging me to go and get a shot with them . OHNO ! :O that will hurt >.< i dun want tooooo .

 but last part, i still went to the clinic with them and got a shot . i kept laughing and laughing to hide that i was scared . lol .. i was like " what if the needle gets broken while it's still on my arm?" . the nurse replied "dun worry . we'll put it back together ."  WTH ! scared me even more . but i was able to get over it though and got a shot . 'twas just funny cause i looked like a kid ! haha

i seriously had this face when i had the shot ! xD


  1. i hate shots! They're my biggest fear! I always hyperventilate and sometimes tear up whenever I have to get them. Lol. And I rarely ever get the flu shot. >.<

  2. haha .. we're in the same boat ! xD

  3. Hi dear,

    I see the tag box still blocking the side of ur blog, maybe u should make it smaller abit or make it stick to one side? @_____@ Still can't read part of ur blog :(