Sunday, July 17, 2011

what i did today

 WARNING : lots of photos below . might take time to load

  it's my day off today ! whopee .. ~ woke up really early to go online (as always) . below is a list of things i did today :
  • watched ep 13-16 of city hunter (a korean action-drama series)
  • listened to IU's songs via youtube
  • tried to figure out a way on how to fix my layout
  • went out with my boyfriend :)
 we had dinner at our favorite restaurant at Gaisano Mall called Port Cafe .

 chicken in white sauce & calamares (click img for larger view)

 my boyfriend and i were planning on watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 . it's a MUST-SEE movie, so, as expected there were a lot of people lining up for the movie tickets . good thing though, we thought of buying the movie tickets as early as possible (bought it around 10am, watched it at 6:20pm) *winks* im kinda sad though cause there won't be any harry potter movies anymore .

movie ticket for red carpet theater
byebye harry :| (he was so cuteee)

 after the movie, 'twas still early (around 8pm) . so, we went to the mall's arcade and played for awhile . and guess what ? I GOT LUCKY . lol .. arcades here (im not sure about other places) produce tickets .. i tried playing this ball thingy 6 times , and got 241 tickets !! WOO .. how cool is that ? i never tried getting tickets before though cause i only get 5 tickets for 6 tries . lol .. anyways, i exchanged the 241 tickets for a memopad (a cute one), and a winnie the pooh puffy sticker for my little sister :)

the tickets and the exchange :) (click img for larger view)


  1. The food looks really good!
    And i still wnat to go see Harry Potter. My bf and i have a tradition of having a day where we watch all of the Harry Potters that already came out, and then we go and see the newest one (It makes it so much better). Im sad that it is ending as well :(
    Arcades are fun, but i suck at getting tickets too. That was sweet of you to get something for your sister. This makes me want to go to an arcade now :)

  2. tiff : yea ! me too . i wanna watch the first harry potter again (he was so cute . lol) .
    ahaha .. i just got lucky last night . the ball just fell to the highest number . haha .. you should go to the arcade ! :)

  3. huhu.. haven't got the chance to watch HP, but I love the food pics, yum yum.. :D

  4. ahaha .. the food is indeed yummy ~ :p

    you better go and watch hp :) it's really nice .