Thursday, July 21, 2011


 This was supposed to be yesterday's post since it happened yesterday, but oh wells :)
  so, i was really sick yesterday , physically and emotionally . physical : back hurts, chest pains, headaches, stomachaches, caught a cold .... totally wasn't feeling really well . and im not exaggerating . I FEEL SO STRESSED OUT ! that's probably why i had those things i mentioned (im still feeling them until now) . what's lacking is my asthma (GOOD THING !) . im an asthmatic person, and usually when im so stressed, it appears . AND IT'S NOT THAT EASY ! i dun wanna have a hard time breathing again . so, i decided, i should quit working before this even appears , and i'll have to but meds .

  some time in the afternoon i was feeling a little bit better . i was planning on seeing my little sister in the hospital . thinking that im gonna go out, my boyfriend and i decided to drop by starbucks and buy some drinks .

 caramel frappucino (click img for larger view)

crossed out my face cause looked really weird xD
the yummy mango cheesecake ! and the drink my bf ordered


  1. Great! Ur Blog look Pretty Cute to me :) I love it! NIce Starbucks. I love it ! Caramel Frappy + chocolate chips Yummy!

    Btw poor Purple shirt gal... Y u Smear her face? kekekkek!

  2. aww thanks ! is it still blocking my blog venie ? or does it look fine now ? :)

    LOLOLOL .. i looked really ugly xD

  3. That looks so good! If i wasn't saving my money and watching my weight, i would get starbucks everyday!

  4. I really adore you theme, simple but stanning.. hehe
    I hope you are fully recover from your "stress".. whatever kind of stress it is.. ^_^

  5. hello vhine !! thank youuuuu <3
    yesh yesh .. i think i am now :)

  6. Aple, ur blog look great to me now :D

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    Caramel Frappucinos are the best!!!

    - Torpedo Panda

  8. @torpedopanda: you're very much welcome ^_^ they indeed are :)

  9. nice theme :) i enjoy staying in your blog. my eyes love 'em :) Get well soon.