Tuesday, July 5, 2011

dream high

  Anyways, let me start of by talking about the most recent korean drama i just finished watching - DREAM HIGH!
dream high cast

 The drama was about 6 students who dreams of becoming Pop Stars . It took about me a month (or more)  to realize that it was a good show . coz as i was reading the sypnosis, it didn't really catch my attention. it appealed "korny" to me. but when i started watching it, it was a really nice drama, not to mention it made me sorta cry (kim soo hyun: he's such a good actor . the way he cries, makes one cry too).
reasons why i think it's a good show :
  • 2PM's taecyeon and wooyoung are both there
  • the OST has a really nice melody, easy to sing, to memorize
  • they have a version of SNSD's Genie, and a good one too
  • lots of twist: e.g. you think it's him she likes, but not really
  • there's a really cute couple with a really cute love story in the show
  • will make you anxious what will happen next
  • and a lot more .. :D
 just go ahead and watch . i don't wanna become a spoiler . so, i'll stop talking . if you wanna watch it, here's a link JhayKDrama0 << it's a youtube channel . he has uploaded all the episodes of dream high ^__^
oh yeah ! i almost forgot . i have lived in this world for over 19 years, and i never ever had a singer that i really like . but now I DO ! meet IU :) she has the sweetest voice ever ! and yepp ! she's in the show .
IU - stunning :)

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