Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th Week of June [Weekend]

This week has been really busy for me. ugh .. Tons of reports, assignments and quizzes were done. I feel really tired. We didn't have any class last friday because it was St. Peter's day. I could've gotten a half day rest, but I chose to go to mom's office to celebrate the feast day of St. Peter :)

Loved the fish fillet <3
Afterwards, Jonathan and I went to SM to eat supper. Shopping wasn't in the plan, but when I saw the "SALE" tag on Oxygen, we went inside and chose clothes to buy :) Who doesn't love sale?

bought a pastel short-dress/long-skirt
Had to rush because we had choir practice for yesterday's wedding. The color motif was aqua blue and brown. Thus, the alto wore aqua blue while the soprano wore brown blouses :)

the girls :)
Had a lot of fun yesterday :) but now I have to go back to reality again -_- Gotta make my assignments and reports T_T and it's quiet long waaaaaaaaa I CAN DO THISSSS

Got my hair curled <3 What do you think?


  1. you look good with curls :) cute cute.

  2. I don't love 'sale' that much. Unless it's a rundown item, the price is pretty much the same with the original, only, they make it look a little bit expensive so..

    That's it. Haha. Bitter much? Lols.

    The hair looks good on you.

    1. i dun really go buy sale items when it signboards only say 10-20% off, but when i see 199php,299php and 60% off, i immediately check it out HAHA

      thank you btw :)

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