Sunday, April 22, 2012

YAY for a new bag :)

I have been saving money to buy new stuff. I can actually just ask my parents for money, but I don't have the guts to do so. HAHA .. ever since I experienced working and receiving my own salary, I've been thinking that I should buy stuff from my own money and not my parents. Well, technically, the money that I have been saving lately is from them xD since I save money from the allowances they give me. lol

So, I was actually thinking of buying a maxi skirt (gosh, I have been wanting to buy one, but I always fail), but I keep thinking it won't look good on me since I'm short (5" flat to be exact). Before I buy it and probably regret it later, I will think it through again. I bought bracelets/bangles instead ! :) I'm selling them on my facebook account.

My personal fave is the brown one :) Color's kinda dull, but it's actually good cause it will go with any outfit. Sold 2 of the accessories today YAY! Pink one (sold it to my sister), and brown one (sold it to my classmate). Only the black one remains . If no one buys it, then, I'll use it. HAHA.. That's one of the advantages of selling stuff you personally picked.

And, my sister bought me a boho bag :) Probably my advance birthday gift? I just love the bag. It's actually a 2nd hand. I've been looking for a cheap, high quality boho bag. And this one is just <3. It's kinda pricey though, but I understand why it's like that since it has a brand (Accessorize). Accessorize bags (only those I've checked), cost around more than PHP1000 (20$ +). This one, I got it for PHP500 (10$) :) happy girl is HAPPY <3

photo of the seller with the bag

Things I want to buy:
- Boho Bag (check)
- Bangles (check)
- Colorful Satchel (still looking for a cheap one, so far, I saw PHP680)
- Maxi Skirt; Knee Level skirt
- wedge
- necklace
- tights
- floral skinny jeans
- floral shorts
- vneck plain white shirt
- sheer polo
-  feather earrings

Still thinking of more stuff that I would like to add on my wardrobe. My boyfriend's gonna kill me for this . HAHA .. he hates people who keep wanting trendy stuff . I love him though :)

I'm also thinking of visiting different places in Mindanao :) Will start with Tagum City.

I feel glad that I've learned how to save :)

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  1. cute bag! :)
    btw, I have a giveaway running if you are interested.. :)

  2. Like you bag. I think it's cute to matched it with your pink and brown bangles.. (=>)

  3. I think the maxi skirt can make you look taller if you wear it right. :)

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    They give you freebies and in exchange, you review the products your received from them on your site.. easy right??
    Email me in case you want to know more info :)