Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of afternoon classes

I only have two classes this summer -- Sociology and Political Science. During the enrollment, I was able to choose what time my classes will start :) thankss to our ever nice new Dean ^.^ I had two choices, either to take both classes in the morning or take them both in the afternoon. I got so excited that I didn't think about it thoroughly and went with the afternoon classes. Now that a week has passed since summer classes started, I kind of regretted taking the afternoon classes.

- able to sleep late since 1st class will start at 1PM
- able to procrastinate and do assignments in the morning HAHA
- able to study in the morning before going to school so that my memory is still fresh ! tadaa ~
- able to ride a jeepney without doing the "trip to Jerusalem" thing
- able to take time in doing personal stuff in the morning

- have limited time if you go to the mall before or after classes
- have to go to the bookstore in the morning (have to walk -_-)
- when you need to see school authorities, you won't be able to since offices close at 4-5PM
- still have to transfer jeepneys

Almost all of the disadvantages are bearable though, except for the HEAT of the sun -_- are you feeling me ? lol .. 6-8AM sun rays are still okay plus vitamin D , but sun rays at 11-12NN, GOSH! >.< I don't feel fresh anymore when I arrive at school :( And my classroom's on the 5th floor !! :o tsk

I guess I just have to get used to it.

Bianca (bff & also my classmate in one class), has three different one peso from different times lol

front view: 2011, 1992, 2004 coin
Back View: 2011, 1992, 2004

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  1. Yeah, I also only have two subjects this summer and my friends and I decided to take both of them in the morning. We've already learned from our past schedule mishaps I guess. I like my schedule so far. Haha.

  2. the coins are cool. ^_^ where did she get those coins? especially the big one???...

    as for me, my summer classes start from 7 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. :(

  3. @veron : waaaa good for you , bad for me . haha i realized everything just now . too late

    @orange pulps: her boyfriend gave it to her :) dunno where he got it . i want one too >.<

  4. The advantages are true! :) I take classes in the afternoon, no not for summmer classes, just for regular school days. All of my blockmates don't want to be tranferred to AM sessions since we're all too lazy to wake up in the morning and we all want to finish our tasks and read again our books in the morning :))