Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action

during the month of December, i started looking for Japanese dramas . i usually don't watch j-dramas cause i find the acting anime-like (i mean, too much exaggeration towards emotions) . i still decided to try downloading though and watch some :)

i watched 3 dramas so far (out of 5): Absolute Boyfriend, My Boss My Hero, and Yamato Nadeshiko .

it was kinda funny cause there was always 1 actor from the previous drama that's also on the one that im currently watching --- like the landlady on Absolute Boyfriend became a teacher on My Boss My Hero, and the BFF of My Boss My Hero leading actor was one of the boys on Yamato Nadeshiko, and the lady on Yamato Nadeshiko is one of the leading actress on the next drama that i will watch xD

ANYWAY, so, i watched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action . Sunako (the leading actress), was a shut in woman of her 20s because of what happened in HS . they nicknamed her the "horror-girl" . Her Aunt ran a boarding house with 4 "pretty" boys . and she asked them to turn her niece into a lady .

it was interesting and funny (sometimes) yet, i don't find it that good (unlike My boss My Hero). despite that, i continued to watch it till the last episode (ep 10) . kinda disappointed at the ending . i thought that sunako would become a lady already . *sigh* 

i noticed something from watching three jdramas so far, Japanese "pretty" boys shave/pluck their eyebrows . ohhhh

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