Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited 2011

i know, it's like really really late for me to mention this one since the show started weeks ago . doesn't matter :p HAH ! xD

i don't watch this particular show that often .. actually, i don't watch any filipino tv shows , since i always find surfing the net and downloading tv series more interesting . also, the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited housemates are mostly halfies who grew up outside Philippines , which makes it more uninteresting (in my point of view) . don't get me wrong, it's just that, i was KIND OF looking forward for more Pinoy action . lol .. just like the previous PBB (excluding the one before this current one) .

last Saturday though, Yuna was playing via my laptop . since i don't let her use my laptop that much thinking she might delete some files or whatsoever (as if there are files that are THAT important), i let this one go . so, i went to the living room, played with the Nintendo DS with the TV on, and caught some PBB time on tv . i was thinking "hmmm .. imma watch this one" . and so i did .

i will just list down the housemates that made an impression while i was watching the show :

1. LUZ "Mom of Steel ng Muntinlupa"
   ----- SHE HAS MUSCLES !! lol .. kinda like Taylor Lautner's . or maybe even better .

2. SLATER "Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu"
   ----- the only guy i find cute in the group .

3. NAPREY "Strong Wheeled Teacher ng Davao"
   ----- WOOO davao pride ! lol .. handicapped yet very helpful :) despite his condition, he still tried to help the housemates on their weekly task last time --- the jumping rope choreography thingy .

4. REG "Red Power Stranger" uhmm .. like a wildcard or something (?)
   ----- totally caught my eye especially since twas eviction night when i first saw him (he got evicted too lol) . was nice at first, but as he stayed longer, he got arrogant .

5. PACO "Hopeless Romantic ng GenSan"
   ----- i actually thought he was charming and nice ....... BUT, he's just like Reg . i can sense that he's smart, yet, he made such comment against the other group . tsktsk

anyway, i'll probably continue watching this one :) and see what happens in the end .

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