Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shop2Love: Pop.Junk.Love

Hello ladies! :) I have good news for you. I will be hosting another giveaway sponsored by Pop.Junk.Love. Before we proceed, let us know more about them.

POPJUNKLOVE started out as our small business project involving handmade tee-embellishments and shirt-pins. With that, our love of crafting developed and began to take on a life of its own. As a result, the line up of our creations extended to making scrabble pillows, shape monsters and plushies. -- Pop.Junk.Love
Scrabble Pillows
shirt embellishment
my favorite plushie <3 so cute *bababababababaaaa*
We created this online store to house all of our original, handmade goods and make them available for purchase by the public.While we try to juggle DIY projects with our day jobs, we see to it that every last piece of our creation is a work of craftsmanship and love. -- Pop.Junk.Love

 Note: Kindly click for a larger view

Pop.Junk.Love will be on Rockwell's Bazaar on June 15-17, 2012 at 11AM-10PM . Please visit their shop and vote for them :) Shoppers will be given 2 ballots [one for the shop of their choice, and the other for the product that they like]. I hope you guys will help Pop.Junk.Love and use both ballots on them.

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  1. wow. your creations are really cool... :D

    1. it's actually not mine . hehe it's the owner of Pop.junk.Love's DIYs ^_^

  2. You have your own minions. => Great creations.