Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cute Stick-Notes and other stuff

The weather today was really nice :) It was cloudy and windy. I thought that it would rain, but it never did.

Anyway, I went to the mall today to run an errand for mom. Met up with le boyfriend, and ate dinner at our favorite place --- Port Cafe. I strolled around the place for a little while, and went inside a shop and saw this really REALLY cute stick-notes.
I've been looking for/at stick-notes yesterday for my assignments, and never really liked any. Found some, but it was either too pricey for a plain post-it, and too big. Finally, I found this one at a shop at Port Cafe. YAY!

What do you think? :) I find it really cute for a stick-note. They actually had several stick-notes in store with different designs. I like this one best. There are a total of 80 stick-notes for 39PHP :)

Which stick-note do you like? I like the first one -- the one with the colorful polka BG

Speaking of assignments, our teacher in accounting gave us some homework :( I got stressed because I totally forgot how to make Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income and whatever >.<

workspace -- my bed lol | i seriously need a table >.<
So, I consulted my other accounting books. Dear self, thank you for not throwing away your books. Good thing I found them T_T They seriously saved me ! It made the preparation of the sheets easier :) I just wish that I could CTRL+F the book though for faster consultation lol

Yepp, I haven't finalized and transferred yet my answers . Everything is still in draft. tsk

As you can see, there's that little pink thingy there. haha .. I forgot I placed it there. Anyway, yesterday, I went to buy a BB Cream. I've been using moisturizer lately as the base for my make-up (or whatever you call that). I was actually looking for Skin Food's BB Cream, but they didn't have any. So, I bought this instead.

Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream
Good thing they sell sachets lol.. BB Creams are usually expensive. And this one is too even though its just a sachet. It doesn't really have that much inside it ~.~ I tried it on today, and I really like it :)


  1. wow!! very cut stick-notes!!they're very useful and at the same time very artistic!!

    ps: thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog post! i really appreciate!

    paint it stripes

    New DIY post 'my Moodboard' is up on the blog, Hope you can check it out :)

  2. I want to try using BB cream too :) but we don't have good ones here and the branded ones are too pricey .

    1. the ones in containers are really expensive ~.~ that's why i just buy sachet ones. haha

  3. The stick notes are just so cute ^_~