Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THANK YOU [giveaways that i won] :D


So far, I've won THREE blog giveaways already :) One was last year, and now two giveaways this month !! LUCKY ~~

Anyway, the first time I won a giveaway was last year. I got this Sigma eye shadow brush (or wtv make up enthusiasts call it) from i-forgot-the-blog-link. I never thought I'd really get something for FREE on the internet. Oh wait. It wasn't totally free since the one who delivered the parcel made me pay 50php.

Next, just a week ago, I got an email from Emmery of LoveandElegance (she has another giveaway, just click the link) saying that I won a gc from RP Online Shop worth 400php D: I was surprised cause I wasn't really expecting to win, and it has been a long time since I last joined a giveaway.
Thank you so much LoveandElegance and RP Online Shop for this !! :)

That is what I bought from the shop. I didn't have any other stuff that I'd like to buy worth 400PHP. Most of what I liked costs 600PHP+. And yes, free shipping!! :)

After LoveandElegance blog giveaway, I suddenly had this want to join more blog giveaways! So, I went and searched blogs who are having giveaways and found some (check them HERE).

Just last night, I received an email from someone saying that I won a 100$ worth of GC from Shopbop D: OHMYGAHH!! *jaw.drops* 100 freaking dollars?? I never even dreamed of winning one and here it came knocking on my email-door. lol..

And yes, I doubted if it was legit or not. So, I went to Shopbop's site, checked their stuff, tried to check out, had problems at first, but IT WORKED !! D: Somebody please pinch me *_* I tried to get everything to reach 100.50$ so that I'd get free shipping :) Here are the things I bought with the gc:

the beanie 18$
watch 30$
blouse 36.50$

And something else HAHA :P Anyway, I gave the 50$ to my sister (she's the one getting the beanie and watch) and 50$ for me :) YAY!! and so, I checked out awhile ago, and I'll be expecting youuuu goodiessss soooonnnn <3

To whoever hosted the giveaway for shopbop (the one I won), THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm unable to contact you :( I forgot which link I joined. Anyway, if you know who you are, THANK YOU!!


  1. congrats on winning those giveaways!! :) i would love to win ashopbop one! i;ve never shopped online before! maybe you should try your luck with my giveaway! :P it is international! :) XO

    1. thank you :) this is actually my first time shopping online (non-local) .
      i will definitely try yours ! :D

  2. CONGRAAAATS!! i won giveaways in the past too, and it made me excited to win more :)

  3. hayaha!!!!!!!!! niapil sd qg ing.ana nga giveaway, sayang kau kay next rjud aqng ngalan sa nkadaog!