Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samal | Summer Escapade 2012

My summer has been productive so far, and then I decided to take a very short vacation (2 days and 1 night to be exact lol). My friends and I have been planning to have an outing ever since the first week of April. Since May 1 was a holiday, we planned for our little outing to be on April 30 in the afternoon.

We went to Canibad, Island Garden City of Samal. Getting to the beach was really tough. We had to ride a motorcycle from the bus terminal, and the road to Canibad from there was really rough, and I literally mean that. I hope they fix the road though cause the place was just awesome.

The place where we stayed.

 The place (I don't think I can call it a resort) where we stayed was just ok. It was more like a lot that wasn't used, thus, they made it into a place where tourists can stay. Entrance fee for overnight stay cost PHP40.00 ; if you brought a tent, you have to pay PHP50.00; if you want a place to sleep, cheapest cost PHP500.00 (good for 2 people), PHP1000.00 can accommodate more than 2 people. The place has a CR, but too small to shower inside. And the CRs don't have faucets.

Sunrise <3

The water was so clear !
The beach has rocks unlike Islareta's, however, the rocks here don't hurt when you step on them. My friend was saying "aahhh.. massageee". No need to worry about your feet getting wounded or anything.

with Bianca and Awy

with the gang lol .. i wasn't prepared when they took the photo >.<
with everyone <3
You see those two middle age couple there ? The one in red and one in black. We don't actually know them. We rode the same bus together on our way to Pena Plata (before canibad). They were supposed to go to Paradise Island, but because of us, they decided to take a detour and went to Canibad with us instead. They said they've heard a lot about Canibad, and never actually went there. They were a really nice couple :) I wish we would cross paths again and thank them for helping us.


  1. OMG! I know that couple you're talking about! haha the woman lang pala. :)) she's mam cheryl talde, and perhaps the man is his husband. and yeah, she/they really are nice!! small world is smaaaall!! :D

    1. HALA KA DHA !! seryoso ka ? hahahaha
      random maxado pagka meet namin . lol

  2. she's the college secretary in our department. a busy bee! hahaha. oo nga, veeery random! I was brought here talaga ba! :)

  3. oww wow! its been 4yrs since i went to samal *in paradise island*. Ive heard of this, wow the place is beautiful! and also talicud. I shud start saving now! Whoaa

    1. the place isn't actually commercialized unlike paradise. but if you're looking for some "peace" and "quiet" time, then this is the perfect place :)

  4. Hi i've been to canibad too.,.
    last december 2011, I will definitely go back there!!
    It is truly a paradise :)

    I am now following your blogs :)

  5. The place is beautiful! Good thing it is kinda cheap. :)