Monday, May 28, 2012

Style #2 | Wash Day Inspirations

Weeks from now, students will be back in school. Once again, girls will have a hard time looking for clothes to wear on wash days. Sometimes, they would just settle for Shirt and Jeans instead since it will be time consuming to mix n' match and raid your wardrobe for the perfect outfit. That's actually based on experience lol ..

It will be really difficult to dress up for school because of the Dress Codes. Specially at my university where almost everything is not allowed. Here are some of the dress codes at my school:
  • plunging neckline (sometimes it depends if the guard catches you or not)
  • sleeveless
  • above the knee skirts
  • above the knee shorts
  • backless
  • see-through tops and bottoms
  • colored underwear
  • dyed hair
  • nail polish
  • leggings/jeggings
  • blazer/cardigan (still depends if the guard catches you or not)
and so much more ! Some universities allow some of these :(

No more worries! Coz I've been looking for inspirations on for this school years outfit on wash days :) I made four collages for this one ^_^

Look #1: Dress

Personally, I like wearing dresses. And I'd like to wear one at school, except, all my dresses are above the knee >.< Anyway, so, in this one, the length of the dress is knee-level. The school guards would probably call your attention, but this will pass ! ~

Dress alone would be boring and dry. Thus, here comes the denim blouse/vest/outwear to the rescue. You can actually just pair your dress with any of your buttoned blouses as long as you feel that it will look good.


romwe by apriltaro featuring zip bags

Everything from ROMWE

Look #2: Skirt

There are girls (like me lol) who likes wearing skirts instead of pants. Maxi skirts for me looks  comfy and chic at the same time.

So tada! There you go. I paired the skirt with a white loose shirt instead of a blouse since I'm aiming for the comfy attire :) Another reason why I chose the shirt instead of a sleeveless blouse is because as you can see, the inspiration is wearing a sheer cardigan. Even though it's sheer, because of the weather here in the Philippines, we won't feel comfortable wearing it all the time (Unless your classrooms are airconditioned though). So to avoid getting our ID confiscated, you can just wear the white shirt with the skirt and the cardigan for later :)

school #1

Look #3: Trousers

If you ask me, this is the most comfortable look I have for today. It's pretty simple but stylish at the same time. Just a cream top and trousers, plus a necklace. The only accessory here is the necklace. Excessorizing isn't really my thing. Besides, even without the other accessories present, you can still look fab :)

school #2

Look #4: Jeans

You can never avoid wearing jeans at school. There will really be times when you'll feel lazy. If that's the case, then let's spice up the look a little. Like what I said earlier, shirt+jeans, that's the usual attire at school. For this one, let's add a vest so that the whole look won't be so dry. But wait! I feel like it still lacks something. Instead of wearing a necklace, let's go and wear a detachable collar :) To somewhat hide your neckline LOL nahh.. detachable collars look fab.

What's good about this look is that you can either pair it with heels/wedge/platforms or flats/loafers :) If it was me, I'd go for flats. The reason is... I'll tell you next time :)

school #3

Anyway, I hope I helped a bit ^_^

For Davao based students, if you're running low on money and you wanna achieve this look, there are tons of places to look at :)
  • China Town (uyanguren)
  • Bangkerohan & San Pedro (Ukay-ukay)
  • and Matina Town Square Bazaars (only on Friday&Saturday evenings)


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    1. thanks ! inspirations for school wash days <3

  3. Great Post! I like the combinations!

  4. I like look #2, so girly!, and look #4, so simple yet looks so fab!

  5. I love all the looks and combinations, I wish our school allows those kinds of clothes. :s