Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shop2Love | Frida Accessoire

As I was looking at online shops on facebook, I stumbled upon this shop called Frida Accessoire.

Frida Accessoire is an online store based on facebook that sells quality handmade accessories.

perfect for summer <3
Their main product is the friendship-bracelet inspired accessories.

It's not your ordinary friendship bracelet that you can just buy anywhere.
The owner of the store did something more to it.
My personal face is the 4th one from the bottom.

Here's another one of their products.
Hamsa-bracelet inspired -- minus the charm.

 All of these products can go along with any outfit!

"Frida Accessoire" products costs around PHP25.00-PHP70.00.
They are currently having their 1st Monthsary SALE promo.
Grab not just one, not just 2, but 3 accessories from Frida Accessoire NOW.

Visit them at:
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  1. i like the bracelets! colorful and glam <3 and cant believe they cost so cheap! :) thankx or sharing~ :) xoxo

  2. wow...lovely accessories. and guess what, they're not expensive!

  3. ang ganda ng mga kluay ,ito yung mga patok sa mga teen agers for their friendship

  4. nice! I'll definitely join your giveaway!

  5. I love it too, will check other cute colors

  6. Oh... will definitely check their FB shop.

    I love handmade jewelry. The bracelets on picture 2 are my favorites. I hope they ship to Sweden:)

  7. I remember way back in HS, I used to make these kind of bracelet and we used to call it as friendship bracelet. But these bracelet are very colorful.

  8. I just love the different colors that they have. Will check it soon.

  9. I love how colorful and dainty those arm candies are~ I know how to make those too~

  10. Nice one! And so colorful I love it!! ;)

  11. Reinvented friendship bracelets look really cool and funky. Perfect for the summer look.

  12. nice.. the colors are vibrant :)