Saturday, April 28, 2012

Keepsakes | Hello To Myself (a date with April)

We, Asians, as what I've heard, are very sociable -- everytime we go somewhere, we should, most of the time, be accompanied by a friend or a relative. But in my case, I don't really care. I am such a loner, or maybe not. I can survive being alone at a restaurant, fastfood, coffeeshop, or wherever as long as there aren't anyone in the place the same age as me with a group (they can be really noisy .. WE can be really noisy And I'm looking for peace lol). Sometimes it's better to be alone, especially if you have a lot of things on your mind. I didn't have any though. HAHA .. I was just waiting for Jonathan's class to end. While waiting, I decided to have a date with myself.

First option was to get my nails done. Long nails don't look good without nail polish. I decided not to though. I'll let them grow longer (about 3days I guess). So that the money I'll pay for a manicure would be worth it since they have to cut and polish longer nails HAHA

excuse the dirty nails :3

Second option was to get a facial. It's been so long since I last got one. But again, didn't go through it. I've walked and walked and walked, and finally decided to go to option number 3.

Third option, since it was too hot and I was kind of dehydrated already, I decided to buy a frappe at Blugre (coffeeshop; MTS). And guess what I found out when I got there.. IT WAS FRIGGIN CLOSED! :( Are these signs that I shouldn't be spending my money today

Since I was already at MTS (Matina Town Square), and Blugre was close -_-, I paid a visit to my favorite shop there -- Keepsakes. They sell really delicious desserts and meals. I can't resist buying a waffle @_@ so, yes, I bought a waffle >.< and a shake.

Fruity Waffle for PHP75.00

Melon Shake fir PHP45.00
Aside from their delicious treats, what I like about the place is the interior.

I was all by myself, eating, thinking, and imagining. Good thing I had my notebook/diary with me all the time :) A really good way of avoiding weird stares of people.

I was thinking "I'll be turning 20 tomorrow.". And, do I feel old? No, not at all. Will I feel old tomorrow? We'll see about that. Whenever we turn a year older, do we feel changes ON our birthday? @_@ Probably. Or maybe we just think something has changed because it is our birthday, or maybe the change takes effect later. Random thoughts :3


  1. advance happy Bday! i want the melon shake too (hot in here)...

  2. Happy Birthday! wow, 20 ,still young.My kids like waffle ,i always make it for breakfast minus the fruit toppings.

  3. I think tomorrow is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world of 20's...

  4. Happy Birthday April. You're blog is sooo cute. :)

  5. happy birthday April!! :) Have a great one! :)
    Btw, the waffle looks cute and yummy :)

  6. That is one loaded waffle! my son is crazy about it

  7. that shake looks rfreshing.. i haven't had waffle the way you got yours... interesting..

  8. oh... you're from Davao too... I can relate to myself moment... and I guess you have selected a great spot for that. I'll try to visit Keepsakes soon too...alone

  9. Happy birthday! Why didn't I think of pampering myself on my birthday? Oh yeah, I opted for a family vacation. Which was also fun, but I still miss doing things by myself. I am dying to get a foot massage, not a fan of manicures and pedicures because I'm paranoid and doesn't trust the tools they used in the salons. I think it's good that you don't feel old. Feeling old comes with being tired with life and that's not a good sign, especially at a young age.

    1. foot massage :O i don't think i can survive that lol
      im a ticklish person. haha ..

  10. Happy 20th Birthday!I love fish spa! They're the best. I prefer fish spa over a foot massage.

  11. Belated Happy Birthday April. ^_^

  12. Love the alone time. Haven't had alone time e.