Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awy's 19th Birthday

Feels like I haven't blogged for a week. This is actually a late post. Was supposed to blog about the everything that happened on her birthday last monday >.< Got stuck with editing the template. And til now, I'm not done with it yet (particularly the banner).

Anyway, so last Monday was Awy's DAY :) Awy is one of my bff since highschool. She treated dinner on her birthday.

Last monday morning, I woke up early to exercise --- to trim my fats -_- Kinda scared already that my uniform won't fit me anymore when classes starts. It's been a year since I last wore it. lol..

So, went to school early cause I couldn't go back to sleep anymore :( Ate lunch with Jonathan, and accompanied Bianca.

My friend Bianca loves DIY stuff. Do you know why ? Cause she doesn't like it when she sees someone with the same stuff as her.

she added a ribbon and button on her shoes :) DIY
my notebook/diary :) and bag <3

Davao City's Farmville LIVE lol .. UIC-Bonifacio campus
 After class, Bianca and I went to the mall to meet up with Awy :)

meet Awy ~ dun you just love her outfit ? all are thrifted :) such an inspiration

we're both 19y/o girls (lol) atm :3 i will be turning 20 SOON :3
HAHA me trying to put on liquid eyeliner :3
[after putting eyeliner on] does it look okay ?
looking at BB cream
tried wearing a dangling earring . Bianca keeps saying "NO . please NO" lol


  1. ayyy. ang cute. :) so happy birthday awy :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend Awy. :) The food looks yummy!! :)

    and oh, I like your pink polka-dot top! :)

    1. food was really delicious <3


  3. love the bag!:)
    have you signed up with OASAP FASHION HUNTER PROGRAM?
    Join Now.

    1. the BAAAG <3 i love the bag too , got it at for 500php .

      still thinking if i should or not :) will inform you though