Monday, April 30, 2012

Akiko & Blugre | 20-teen-th Birthday :)

In the past, Mom would always tell me to invite my friends on my birthday, and I would always refuse to because I don't want to disturb their summer vacations, and I don't want a party at all. This year is a different story though. I wanted to have a little (even just a little) celebration with just 3-5 of my CLOSEST friends. I never told her that though (I don't like asking things from my parents unless it's needed for school). So, my mom, this year, didn't ask me anymore about what to do on my birthday and stuff. She probably thought that I'd say the same thing like "Nah. I don't want a party nor a celebration.". lol .. I had NO, as in NO, plans at all.

My parents decided to cook something for me though :) Mom made Carbonara, Dad cooked Lechon Manok (I think), my brother bought cake. Wasn't able to take a single photo of the food that I just mentioned.

Despite me not having any plans at all, Jonathan, on the other hand, planned the day for us. He went to my house and gave me gifts :)

Japanese&Korean Dictionary/Phrasebook, and a letter from him :)

I HAVE THE MOST AWESOME BOYFRIEND :) He knows everything about me, he makes me feel love ALL THE TIME (we've been together for 3 years now), he listens to all my rants, he still loves me even though I'm the most stubborn girl in the world. I wish for a healthier and longer lasting relationship with him. I love you <3
If you've read some of my blog posts before this one, you'd know that I'm fond of Japanese and Korean dramas, movies, food, etc. Ain't this one a perfect gift for me ? :D

We went to the mall to walked around and waited till our stomachs got hungry.

@ Abreeza Mall
@ Victoria Plaza waiting
After all that walking, even though we weren't that hungry yet, we decided to go to the Japanese Restaurant just outside the mall --- The Akiko Japanese Restaurant :)


Don't you just love the place ? It's like I wasn't at Davao City at all. The only thing that's lacking at the place is a japanese song played on the radio, or anything relaxing would do fine. They were tuning in at a certain Radio Station and I could hear advertisements and such.

Aji Fry PHP190.00 ; Aji (Japanese jack mackerel) fried in batter, potato salad with shredded lettuce to the side, and a squirt of horse radish cream. - JonathanW
Okaka PHP170.00; Rice balls filled with okaka (fermented/smoked slipjack tuna) and wrapped in nori (seaweed). -JonathanW
Futomaki Rolls PHP220.00; Futomaki rolls; cucumber, crab, sweetened egg, and some other thing, rolled up in rice that is rolled up in nori (seaweed). Cucumber, shredded carrots, and wasabi to the side. - JonathanW
Korokke PHP210.00; Korokke (a Japanese dish inspired by the French's Croquette dish. It's made of mashed potatoes mixed with beef and veggies fried in batter). Lettuce and potato salad to the side with a squirt of horseradish cream. - JonathanW
Everything was delicious. All I can say is that it was a lot different from other Japanese Restaurants we've been to, especially the sweet egg thing on the Futomaki Rolls. I've tried Tamagoyaki before, and I didn't really like it. But the one that was on the Futomaki tasted different. Not only the Japanese food here are better than the others, but the price is almost the same with the others too. I'll be coming back here soon ^_^

After eating supper, we went to Blugre coffee shop at Bajada.

Mugs with signatures. Don't know who's cause I wasn't able to take a closer look :3
 And bought these:

That concludes my day. I was really happy today, but at the same time, I kinda felt bad cause I wasn't at home spending the day with my family (just like the old times). Probably nice to break traditions once in a while ei ? :3 He asked Mom permission to take me out though.


  1. "I don't like asking things from my parents unless it's needed for school"
    can totally relate! :)

  2. wow. happy birthday to you. apir kasi mag ka month tayo. ^_^ hahah :)

    God bless you

  3. Happy 20th Birthday! :)
    Nice photos! :) The food looks yummy!! :) Nakakagutom! :P

  4. Happy Birthday! super sweet naman ni bf mo!!! npaka cool ng Blugre ambiance!

  5. Where is Akiko Restaurant? I'd love to go there. Hehehe!

    Your boyfriend is so sweet, lucky you! =)

  6. CELEBRATING special occasions with your beloved is
    truly memorable. I wish you both more LOVE and FOOD that will be shared
    for the rest of your lives.


  7. Happy Birthday Doll! Japanese food is delish I could taste it from the photos!

  8. Happy birthday. :) Yes, having a party or not does not matter, as long as you are with the people you love and are blessed with good health to enjoy life to the fullest. :)

  9. Awww... Happy Birthday! Oh and you've got the sweetest boyfriend! Don't we all? We girls can be really stubborn but our guys love us anyway.. hehe!

  10. Happy Birthday! You have the sweetest bf ever! I wish I will meet someone as sweet as your boyfriend. Your skirt looks nice!

  11. Late Wishes for your birth day, like the delicious ice cream......

  12. happy bday! you're lucky to have sweet family and bf!

  13. Belated happy birthday!
    And i love your skirt :p

    Following you now, hope you can follow back!

  14. the mugs in the wall look really beautiful
    and you look so nice in your pink blouse =)

  15. hi,thank you.,akiko japanese restaurant will play japananese songs....pls. visit us again..