Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ever since i was in grade school , ive always loved taking photos . i was still using a film camera back then . 'twas pretty expensive --- you have to buy the film which costs around 2$ and have it developed afterwards (around 4$) . maybe that doesn't sound expensive to you, but it was to me . haha .. a grade school student who had no source of money except for the 1$ my parents gave me daily for lunch money .

and that love for photography even grew when i watched this Korean Drama back in grade school (still) . i forgot which one, but it was either "Stained Glass" or "Save the Last Dance for Me". i even told my mom i'd take a photography course (i also told her id take fine arts, fashion related course, medicine, education..HAHA) . ofcourse, i haven't taken any of those courses . those are now just dreams from the past :)

enough of the past XD i was just actually thinking of posting new blog entries of random shots i took and will be taking, and just put a short description about it .

i don't posses a really awesome camera , but it will do :) wanna know what kind of camera i'll be using ?

Meet Cammie ~
This is the camera i'll be using for the next posts ..... NOT! :) it's a flash light (cause it flashes only once when you touch the button) . you can see the tiny bulb over there at the center . this was supposed to be a mini (flash) DSLR . except that only the body is now left, for the lens has been broken . can't put it back together . can't find the UV protector . LOL

and here's Samsung ES75 w/ 14.2mp
This one is what i usually use in taking photos (see my other posts) . aside from this one though, i use my phone WHICH is not a bad thing in taking photos of thyself . but really crappy and grainy when not taking self photos .

i like taking close up shots :) especially when i have to use the micro mode . i dunno, i just have a thing for blurry background .

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  1. Have a good time updating your blogs.. Be happy all the time..

  2. Aw for your vintage film camera. I bet the pictures with that cam would be awesome.

    Join my giveaway if you have time :)

  3. Hi! Blogwalking. I love your blog :)

  4. I also love taking photos, but damn, I got a cheap camera.. But it's okay for as long as it captures important memories... Keep on writing girl...