Friday, November 18, 2011

Filipinos started it all? (facebook turning into pornbook part 2)

i recently read a status from my facebook friend . it went like this :

"The porn attacks originated in the Philippines and are being published by Filipinos all over Facebook, our experts here at Facebook are doing everything they can to stop it from spreading any further (outside the Philippines) and to eliminate the porn and spam threat completely which have been causing other Facebook users ‘a hard time’. Filipinos should also be vigilant and report any spam links and pornographic materials. 41% of Facebook members around the world are aged 12-17 years old, we cannot be exposed to this kinds of things through Facebook. If this continues and more spams keep being posted, we will have no choice but to ban Philippine users from using Facebook. We at Facebook will not tolerate outlandish behavior and indecency. -- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO facebook"

i reposted it as well thinking that it was true . i wasn't able to google it cause i got carried away with playing facebook games . until my other facebook friend commented on it and said "is this true? if yes, kindly give me the link" , then it got me the motivation to find the source of this statement online, and guess what i found ? REPOSTED STATUSES as usual , and few articles that are not-so-legit .


-- i don't think that Zuckyy (LOL) is careless and stupid enough to say things like this . we all know how influential he is . he may be the guy being portrayed on the social network movie, but i don't think that he'd go all the way to telling netizens/online media that Philippines, in particular, is the origin of the pornographic photos on facebook .

-- if this is really not from Zuckyy's mouth, this is probably from those anti Filipinos (who are mostly filipinos themselves) who took this chance to make the world hate Filipinos .


1.) STOP LIKING nude photos
-- some of you, not all, are actually liking the photos. don't lie

2.) STOP COMMENTING on such photos
-- this is ACTUALLY A WAY for that certain photo to appear on SOMEONE's news feed . THUS they comment again, and it will appear again on their friends' news feed . just STOP

3.) just REPORT IT
-- no commenting, no liking, especially no sharing . this is actually one way of stopping those photos and helping the facebook team.

now, in case you have a CREDIBLE source for Mark Zuckerberg's statement, please leave the link :)

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  2. I find it funny that people keep reposting crap like that without even searching around for an official source.

  3. Wow.. hindi ko nga alam na merong ganito. LOL.. ako na ang laging huli s balita.

    Lucky me, I didn't see any nude photos on my stream.. Maybe my friends are smart enough to NOT like or share or comment on those photos.. Yay! Hooray for smart friends!

  4. sakin rin pero sa isang acct ko lng lol

  5. I think this another one of the made up stories like that news that people were saying that Oprah said that Ms. Philippines should have won Ms. Universe. lol

  6. okay, then put a BAN on every Filipino like me on facebook and check the stats and the number of users that facebook will have, it will slide down roughly by 50% since *75% of the users are outside of the U.S. (* tsk tsk...

  7. It's a hoax. Apparently I never see any Filipino nude pix. Many of Malaysian's instead in FB. I agree with you. We don share those [ix, we should report it.